After Sleep and Support, the Best Section Healer

I was told it was okay to bend post section. I was probably pushing it by picking up stuff from the floor. Knowing now that my tummy pain is ab related, bending was never going to help.

Anyway, I couldn’t move, my tummy hurt a lot, and it frustrated me. I hate feeling impotent.

Then my husband bought me a £5 surprise on Amazon that may be one of my favourite ever gifts. After sleep and incredible family / friend support, this is helping my wound heal more than anything else:

It’s more versatile than you might think.

Our dog loves my old milky breast pads. I can pick up those (Maybe eventually I’ll improve my grabber agility to polish my post section polish free toes.) 

I can feed the dog real food (not breast pads).

I can load the washing machine.

I can get the machine powder.

I’m playing my version of the old Blendtec ad Will It Blend. It’s called Can I Grab It. It’s bloomin’ marvellous. 

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