Hot Tea

In Nobody Told Me Hollie McNish alarmed me about an element of parenting nobody told me about – I’d never get to drink my tea hot. This was shocking. I need tea. I can’t function without it and I need it to be hot. Warm tea is like a warm bath. Somebody else can enjoy that mediocre tease of potential heaven as I’m not going to.

I’ve discovered she’s right, already. I think breastfeeding is the tea heat thief. As soon as I’m given a hot cup of tea for one hand I get a hungry newborn for the other.

But, tadaaa, along with my litter picker this has been changing my days:

It’s a thermos flask that keeps tea piping hot for hours. So hot you have to add cold water at the start or you can’t drink it. I had a false start by confusing the on / off button and poured boiling tea all over the sofa, while feeding Runner Bean. Emergency getaways probably aren’t good section healers but my arse was soaked in fire water so I thrust upwards, scar first. Then my husband spent 30 minutes trying to fix dark blue velvet (whoops!) with damp cloths and a hair dryer before choosing the magic ‘turn it round the other way’ solution.

Since mastering the mechanics this has been a god send and joined my bought for children plastic water bottles (one for sparkling, one still) that a clutz like me can safely hold near a newborn.

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