Today I will mostly be breastfeeding

What have you done today? Oh, you know, breastfeed. I don’t need to ask where the day goes anymore, I look at my feeding app. Each blue line is a breastfeed, the width is the duration of the feed.

Formula may make a swift entrance soon. My husband has asked once or twice and I rejected it. But I realised today I’ve fallen under the breast is best spell, despite my previous cynicism. 
It was only when I asked myself ‘what would a man do?’ that I thought, they’d make life easy for themselves, and give formula. I can still express milk for bottles and boob feed too (as long as RB approves). 
But this, this is not sensible for anyone and I don’t want to read ‘congratulate yourself on how well you’re doing’ as consolation for insatiable hunger again. I’d rather congratulate myself on having a happy life and a happy child who isn’t attached to my boob when I desperately need the loo and when Ocado comes (both of which happened today).

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