To Have and to Hold?

Some VIP visitors travelled far and wide to stay and meet RB. They arrived full of love, presents, excitement, colds and the most junior VIP – too young to understand – with contagious facial spots (common in children) that don’t have easy treatments and can take between eighteen months to four years to go.

Only one of the three held RB, once, in the 24 hours they stayed. It’s so hard and I see it from both sides. I don’t want to deny anyone pleasure or make anyone feel segregated or shit about themselves, and I feel awful. I wish I could be more relaxed about it. I theorize that I’d be more chilled, but then I see this tiny, delicate, vulnerable, dependent and want to protect him from any obvious risks. It felt like their happiness versus his health.

I’ve applied a similar rule to myself by not kissing him ’til I was as confident as I could be my coldsore was well and truly gone. We’ve applied the same rule to another junior VIP whose cough prevented her being in the same room as RB for a week. That was tough too but they didn’t spend time, effort and hard earned money to travel the country to visit.

What would the good and wise do in these situations? The colds will pass, but neither the spots nor the VIPs are going anywhere soon and I can’t deny cuddles forever.

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