What is Natural, Anyway? Part Two. Wind.

RB became windy around a week old. We upped our winding having realised that he can’t manage it himself and he sits on our laps like Benjamin Button. His feet floating mid thigh. If you assess this logically, my body naturally produces breastmilk which RB naturally is programmed to drink. However, this creates natural wind which brings him natural pain, discomfort, and tears. The only way we can deal with RB’s wind and pain is through the intervention of our hands rubbing and patting his back. 

Surely there’s a flaw in evolution here? A natural process that a body has evolved to do needs intervention as a body can’t manage alone. Sounds just like labour. 

Our winding intervention is as natural as a doctor’s intervention in labour – two additional parties bringing new techniques to manage pain and aid a natural process that isn’t resolving itself. 

Yet unlike labour, no-one harps on about winding being unnatural and argues to let nature run its course (and leave a baby in windy pain until they figure something out). Unlike women who’ve had medical help in labour, no-one would say that a baby has failed because they need help in managing a natural process.

Double standards, in my book. But when it comes to pregnancy and parenting, that seems to be par for the course.

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