Thank Goodness for the Invisibility Cape

RB doesn’t mess about when hunger strikes. A whimper becomes a wail in the same time a Bugatti Veyron can do 0-60. So thank goodness for mBébé au Lait invisibility cape, which came highly recommended. The fabric choices aren’t the snazziest, I wore something similar as a waitress, but who gives a shit when it means you can whip out a tit wherever, whenever, without having to feel paranoid. 

While we should all be as comfortable with public baby feeding as we are with public adult feeding, not everybody is. Therefore, any aids to stress free public breastfeeding are a welcome addition. And this has been a godsend, especially when I had to settle in to my roadside bench opposite a building site for a record 52 minute feed. There was boob. But not as builders know it.

(Pic lovingly nicked from John Lewis online)

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