Light Behind His Eyes

Something​ magic happened. I woke up with a baby. Coincidentally it happened as he grew out of newborn sizes. Suddenly Runner Bean can look at me and it’s like his spirit has woken up. I see a soul behind his eyes. I realize he had been more of a baby Annabell til now. Doing the motions. 

I hadn’t noticed a void, he was doing what I expected. I still thought he was gorgeous. It was just when a friend said she was obsessed with her much older baby I thought, I love him, but obsessed? He doesn’t do anything to be obsessed with. I don’t even think he could see me, just the fuzzy outline of A N Other person who provides a carnal need. 

Now I’m starting to see him. It makes me even more excited for our lives together and to discover who we’ll help each other to become. I’m sure we won’t always like that person but that’s part of the deal too, isn’t it.

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