Respect to Working Mums

Following my Respect to Single Parents post, I feel Respect to Working Mums is due, too. People question how mums emotionally leave babies to return to work. I never hear people question how mums practically leave babies to return to work.

(I’d normally say working parents, but as few question a dad’s ability to leave his baby this big up is for the ladies.)
It’s midday and I’m in my bed in pants, feeding RB. After setting a new feeding personal best, he did a massive shit up his back and out of his clothes, so I bathed him. I hadn’t got out of my dressing gown anyway, but in keeping his naked body warm til the bath filled I got his shit on my dressing gown, and he wee’ed down my chest. So I had to shower (for the first time) and a cold shower at that, as his bath, that would not get cool enough for the bleeping thermometer, took all the hot water. Then I got back into bed to keep warm while I satisfied my ever hungry boy.
Yesterday I was 90 minutes late for an 11am coffee because insatiable RB needed to feed and feed and feed. I haven’t left the house before midday, and that usually takes three hours of prep.
All mums have every right to choose what’s best for them and their families, whether driven by want or need. So if a mum wants or needs to leave their babies in someone else’s care, I salut your choice.
But more importantly, I salut your practical ability to get to a job at a boss pleasing hour, wearing clothes.

How the fuck do you do it?

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