Baby Brain My Arse. It’s Utter Exhaustion.

Have you noticed how many pregnancy and mothering terms underplay whatever is being described? 

‘Morning Sickness’ = ‘Vomiting and Nausea’
‘Baby Blues’ = ‘Temporary Depression’
‘Baby Brain’ = ‘Utter Exhaustion’

Baby Blues and Baby Brain bother me especially. I get holiday blues when I return to work after a week away, Sunday blues when a new week is starting. Those ‘blues’ are not chemical responses in the brain following nine months of growing a child, with the immense bodily and lifestyle changes that entails. Holiday and Sunday can retain the title of ‘blues’. ‘Baby Blues’ needs a new, more respectful, name.

And Baby Brain? Fuck off. No my baby isn’t affecting my brain. Sleep deprivation is. When I worked 16 hours a day in an investment bank (a short lived and ill-suited job) I had the same brain scramble I experience now. I could be as forgetful and blank when I reached the peaks of tiredness I’ve lived through every day since my pre-baby reserves disappeared. 

Whoever invented these patronising terms had a devious intention of undermining the female experience and can knob off. It’s not Baby Brain. It’s utter exhaustion. I’d comfortably say that mothering is not given the societal respect it deserves, and using terms like Baby Blues and Baby Brain, with their babyish, unimportant, and flippant connotations, do nothing to help.

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