Baby Swimming Lessons

We finished RB’s first block of swimming lessons. Given he’s four months old, water acclimatisation sessions is more accurate, but we’ve learned some super valuable methods and gained water confidence with RB. 

To our surprise he went under the water in the first lesson. We’ve floated him in the swimming position (thumbs together under this chin, fingers making a butterfly shape under his chest). We’ve floated him on his back with only one hand under his head. We’ve done some falling in the water manoeuvres that eventually teach him how to respond. We’ve repeated adfinitum, RB, Ready, Go before ducking him or pouring water on his head. And we’ve sung more bad songs than I ever hope to sing again (repeat ‘hold on’ to the tune of a blaring house alarm or the inventive ‘we are swimming on our backs’ to London’s Burning until you want to drown yourself). Hopefully, RB’s gained some water confidence too. 

I don’t think we’ll sign up to the next batch of 10. At £15 a go it’s pretty expensive and according to their curriculum he won’t swim between two people until we’ve spent £600.

The swim company seems to have the monetisation down to a T: the recommended package for their blindingly colourful underwater photos is £229 for a USB stick and one 5″x7″ print. I think not. And 180 lessons (at £15 each) that’d take him to 4 years old. There’s probably a better way to get him swimming than that. However, these lessons have started his journey to what is hopefully a long and rewarding water life. 

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