A Musical Toy That Sounds Nice

​A friend bought RB his first piano. It’s pretty basic and plays eight notes but it’s big and easy to use and crucially, doesn’t sound like dying cats on acid.

I don’t understand musical toys that sound tinny or like a high pitched nasal cry. Are people trying to teach poor musical taste? Or just punish parents? It’s not like parents need more high pitched cries, let’s be honest. Babies are already great at creating that kind of ‘music’.
So far RB’s piano playing is really arm bashing with the piano in his way but it’s a colourful and musical start. 

​​The piano joins his now growing instrument collection. He has a brilliant and colourful wooden xylophone too for when he’s old enough to hold the stick and not poke himself in the eye. We’ll have a Dick Van Dyke style one man band in no time. This is the kind of music I’ll encourage him to make. 

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