Abstinence is the Best Contraception 

The general story goes that women don’t want sex after having a baby because they: feel unattractive / are fulfilled by their baby / are too tired. 

Now tired is true for me, but that’s nothing new or enough to put me off sex. The other two are not true for me. 

Rather, I’m off sex because sex makes babies and I do not want to be pregnant. I fear being pregnant. I fear being pregnant like Trump fears the truth. Even though I say I want a second child, right now, I can’t fathom wanting to go through nine months of pregnancy or look after a baby full time again, ever. Regardless of how wonderful I find RB. Plus next time, I’d like a live in nanny. Baby rearing is hard enough with one. 

Given no contraception is 100%, in my wilder moments I want to use every form going. However, I will pair contraception with ovulation tests to ensure I never have sex when pregnancy could happen more easily. The irony is it took ten months of active trying to get pregnant with RB, but I have no desire (or energy) to tempt fate.

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