Swearing in Front of RB

I dreamed RB’s first words were ‘hurry up you fucking ho’. He was roughly 6 months old. My amazement was overshadowed by shame.

I still swear a lot. My attitude had been that word meaning eclipses actual words. Trump doesn’t swear but is the most offensive man in the public eye. What he means matters more than any word choice. If a grown man wants to offend me, ‘silly little girl’ cuts much deeper than ‘cunt’. 

Until now I figured the only thing making me consider swearing in front of him was him being that kid in nursery that swears. And me being blamed by staff and other parents. 

Post dream I may have changed my mind. Maybe as Picasso needed to learn to paint like a master before relearning to paint like a child, RB needs to masters words and meanings before using words some people (in my opinion, in their limited minds) find offensive. And therefore, in front of RB, I need to zip shit. 

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