It’s not going brilliantly.

We’ve tried a few Ella’s pouches. (I’m not going to pretend we’re going to puree his meals for him. We’re just not.) They taste pretty rank to me so I’m not surprised RB reacts with less than average enthusiasm. Though he seems to think it makes for a good face and hair mask. The trick to baby soft skin? Weaning time is often followed by bath time.

His spoon and bowl taste better, according to his efforts to eat those. He’s also licked the table. Nothing quite beats that wood / varnish taste.

We’ve sliced up some carrot and cucumber batons. These seem to taste alright but end up on the floor after a few bangs on the table.

He liked my yoghurt and honey. I figured the fun police would have a problem with the sugar in honey, but I ploughed on regardless. I sent family some photos as that made a good face mask, too. A few hours later I was told honey can cause botulism in babies under one, which can be fatal. Strictly no honey til one year old. *Face palm.*

Less than 30 minutes after being told of my error, he projectile vomited. Imagine his nose and mouth is a dam, and the sick is water breaking out of the dam, at the speed of an asteroid crashing to earth. It was pretty dramatic. From my rearview mirror (I was driving) it looked as though he’d grown the tail of a 17 hands high horse, out of his nose and mouth. Only the tail was actually a waterfall of puke. It soaked two layers of clothes, and puddled in his car seat. The poor boy. I changed him in the boot in a lay-by.

I debated going home via A&E, and Googled botulism. I was reassured that as with most worrying baby illnesses, they reject food and become floppy / limp / sleepy. After a reassuring hug and enthusiastic, smiley, sing song, he was back to his chirpy self, so I didn’t fear botulism for too long. And the upside is we enjoyed possibly the most beautiful location for an outfit change – high up a hill on a road worthy of an expensive car advert, surrounded by rugged English fields and hills, in a fresh wind. It’s one way to make sure you soak up the view.

He’s since done that same projectile puke two more times. Once on one of his grandma’s and once as he lay in his crib.

I Googled it, and it seems other people’s baby’s have done the same at the start of weaning. Unsurprisingly, we’re going to give weaning a bit of a break. Maybe his digestive system isn’t quite ready. And I’m not going to lie, we’re quite happy to have the ease and comfort of just milk for a few more weeks yet.

2 thoughts on “Weaning

  1. charliesmumsite says:

    This made me laugh! My little one also enjoys decorating his face with food. He insists on holding the spoon and then finds his mouth by dragging the spoon down his face 😂🙈


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