That Time Of The Year

My period has returned. It has threatened it for a few months. I’ve bought sanitary towels every time I’ve gone away – my period has always been irregular but likes to experience different countries. It loves to be an uninvited guest at weddings, too. Ideally, it likes to show up unannounced just before the ceremony.

Anyway, nearly seven months after birth and four months after stopping breastfeeding, it’s back, and this was no sanitary towel business. It was back with tampon changes every four hours, much heavier than my normal. Using tampons felt weird. Though I’ve used them my whole life it felt somehow invasive the first time. As if it was my first time.

It’s a relief really. It makes sex seem less hazardous and more approachable (I couldn’t think of much I’d like to be less right now than pregnant). And it means my body is slowly returning to whatever normal is post pregnancy.

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