That Parent: the Baby Bore

I did it. I allowed New Year’s Eve good vibes, and booze, to override what I knew was right. I sent a video of RB to a wider audience than could ever appreciate it, because he’s not their child.

Of course my child is the centre of my world. To the world, he’s just another child, and there are many.

I know better than to be that parent, I really do. I try hard not to bore people with my baby pictures, as I’m grateful to those who are sparing with their baby pictures. In these instances, a little goes a long way.

A few pictures makes me think ‘cute’. Too many and it is visually boring, much like people who only post selfies, themselves existing. How fascinating. Similarly, it stinks of a parent’s self-obsession, their children as a reflection of them.

I crossed the line at New Year. I apologise. I’ll take it as instruction for 2018. Dont be a self-obsessed baby bore.

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