Favoured Foods

It’s funny. Experienced parents tell first timers to chill. First timers ignore this advice, then a few months in they realise they can chill. We didn’t need to worry about RB’s weaning. He bloody loves food. All of it, in endless quantities. I fear we’re overfeeding him, with three course breakfasts.

Anyway. I posted that we tried on Ella’s Kitchen then took a break. Well, Ella’s Kitchen is fine for fruit purees, and porridge, but the rest isn’t great.

We’ve learned that Piccolo is the good stuff. This actually tastes like the food it’s meant to be. I like it. I’d eat it willingly – I do when his spoon needs ‘cleaning’.

RB loves Kiddilicious Veggie Sticks too. And other things he can hold and eat himself. We managed to get through a 90 minute evening meal at a Chinese restaurant with no RB interruptions, by giving him endless rice cakes. Our parenting motto is Do What Works and given they’re puffs of air we don’t need to feel bad.

We’re going to try to make more of an effort to give him food we’ve cooked too. He gets lots of this type of food at nursery already. We give it to him sporadically, so I’d like us to try to give him a mix everyday of porridge, bought purees, and home cooked food. We’ll see. As far as I can see, Piccolo is the bomb, so I won’t feel guilty if we don’t do more home cooked stuff, but I would like to expose him to as much variety as possible. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Edit: I eat my words on Ella’s Kitchen. The early stuff isn’t great – the fruit and veg purées taste sour to me. But, the later stuff is excellent. They’ve got big pouches – casseroles, fish pies – for after 10 months and they’re delicious.

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