Can’t Take The Day Off

I’m blowing my nose every ten minutes and used tissues fill all of my pockets. I’m pretty sure if this was two years ago I’d have taken the day off work, and I’d be feeling pretty sorry for myself. I thought that today when I was searching my pockets for a tissue with one hand, while holding (the now 11.2kg) RB to my hip with my other arm. (My back is knacked but I have guns.) This gave me another reason to remember why full time childcare is harder than full time work. There’s no boss to whom I can call in sick. Instead, without thinking, it’s: chin up, blow my nose, check the the clock (it’s time for RB’s breakfast / playtime / nappy change / nose wipe). And you know what, I prefer it. Having a baby is good for increasing my grit. And grit is only ever a good thing.

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