Conflicting Pride

We were sitting in a cafe, waiting for a train. I was head down in my eggs when I noticed RB. He was in his high chair, looking into the distance, and clapping. I thought he’d made a friend, looked up, and saw applause on the TV screen on the far wall. I filled with pride. He was clapping along with people on TV. I looked around for someone else to congratulate my incredible child. If I’d have seen myself two years ago I’d have said, ‘get over yourself, you didn’t invent him, he’s biologically predisposed to learn’. Now I’ve become that annoying parent. But you know. So I’m looking around still. No one wants to confirm my child’s splendour and then I noticed: Trump’s fucking State of the Union address. My magnificent child was applauding Trump. Now there’s the definition of a conflicting emotion.

At 10 months old, I can take that as coincidence. But it made me remember a friend of older kids telling me they never do / believe what you want them to do / believe. There will come a day when it will be RB’s prerogative to applaud whomever he wants.

Right now I reason that as long as I teach him to give a reasoned, as much as passionate, argument, how will I really feel if he heralds a malicious and dangerous buffoon like Trump?

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