All The Action

Kidlife was pretty much business as usual, then everything happened at once.

First off, we’ve got a crawler. Everyone said it’s awful, that you can’t take an eye off them once they’re moving. I judge how good things are by how much of my mental and physical freedom I get back. So far, crawling is better than non-crawling. RB finds everything fascinating, so can keep himself pretty well occupied. We’ve put a bit of prep in place, but only a babygate and tied together some cupboard doors. We’ve also bought a little play pen (1.5m diameter) for when we need to keep RB in a safe, confined space. Coincidentally, it keeps his toys in a confined space, too.

Next up, we went from no teeth to four teeth. His fangs came first (apparently that’s pretty rare). Then his bottom middle right, then his top middle right. Anbesol was our drug of choice for that (it fixes the ulcers I get from my braces overnight), though we had a few whiney nights. I can’t blame him really. A tooth pushing through a gum must knack.

Next up, his helmet is off for good. It’s so lovely to have his head back. We went away and it was too hot during the day so he only wore the helmet at night. Just as we were warned, after a fortnight of only nightly wear it didn’t fit anymore. We had subconsciously okayed that outcome with ourselves pre-holiday. So he wore it for 2.5 months in total. His head is far from perfectly shaped but it’s so, so, so much better and we’re happy with it. Plus, the helmet stimulated his hair growth so he has some now.

All of this has combined to make RB even more of a little boy, and not a baby. He seems to be more alert every day. He knows what we say – including when we’re saying no (mostly to him using the dog’s water bowl for splashtime). He talks to us constantly. Still no proper words but we have great conversations of noises.

I’ve always known I prefer older kids to babies, and RB is cementing that. Of course I love him just the same, but I enjoy him so much more as his little personality grows and grows. Plus, he’s learned to dance to music with his hands in the air. That’s pretty cool, no? 🙌

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